Difference Between Angular Js and React Js

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3 min readDec 11, 2020

Developers often struggle between AngularJs vs ReactJs for various reasons. When the decision is made to switch from vanilla JavaScript to either framework, it can be quite difficult to understand why some developers prefer one over the other. The differences between these two famous JavaScript frameworks can be outlined below with a simple yet helpful comparison.

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React — A pure JavaScript framework, React allows developers to create “pure” single-page applications which are not dependent on any other external libraries. Using react, you can simply write your code and forget about it. React components are easy to extend and provide an excellent level of flexibility. For instance, by creating a component tree, you can use functions like bindable, create function to pass arguments to other components and so on. So by writing your code once and then using it in multiple places, you can achieve great maintainability and flexibility.

AngularJs — On the other hand, AngularJs provides some benefits of React. You can define elements and text properties directly and use code that is written in plain JavaScript. But unlike react, developers can use third-party libraries and components. Moreover, many programmers prefer to use AngularJs because the framework is highly flexible and provides a simple design and highly generic behavior. The major advantage is that there is no need to maintain huge fat-client data binding scripts, just simple functions and templates.

When comparing AngularJs vs React, we can conclude that both frameworks provide a simple design with plenty of built-in functionality. But when we take the functionality of each individual component into consideration, we can notice the major difference. While both frameworks support event handling and data binding, AngularJs has a much cleaner architecture and is more flexible in terms of component functionality. In fact, the framework has the ability to completely separate template from view, so the developer doesn’t need to worry about any HTML coding.

Another major difference between AngularJs and ReactJs is the type of data model that is implemented. In case of AngularJs, it uses models for the components and directives and uses a higher level of abstractions. In contrast, the React component library makes use of a map-like structure for managing components and allows higher level of abstraction. Moreover, it also supports event handling and component registration and uses generic event handlers for all actions. The reason why there is a significant difference between the two is that react-js is much more mature and widely accepted and AngularJs is fairly new but quite popular.

When comparing AngularJs vs React, one of the major factors that developers often consider is whether or not it is easy to add new modules and plugins. Developers have the option of using any type of JavaScript libraries that they prefer. And using third-party frameworks like jQuery is also very easy to integrate and customize.

Therefore, adding new modules and plugins is a lot easier with Angular than it is with React. Moreover, it also provides support for many popular third-party libraries likeunderside,oesjs,ajax,underscore,dojo, jQuery, lodash, etc. This greatly reduces the time developers spend in writing functions that require several additional features.



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