Is HTML A Programming Language?

HTML is the common terminology used to describe Hypertext Markup Language, which is a standardized markup language used to create hyperlinks, images and other content that are part of a Web page. Hypertext Markup Language can assist technologies like JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets in producing the various visual results that are to be seen on a Web page. HTML is a scripting language and is considered one of the more important sections of a server-side script, because it is able to specify the meta-data and other variables that affect how the browser displays the page. Some of the common applications of HTML are the XHTML encoding scheme and the XML data model.

The question that many programmers ask is whether HTML is a legitimate programming language or not. One of the most important answers to this question is whether or not XHTML is compatible with HTML. Both these coding languages share some similarities, although not everyone is familiar with all of the specifics of the XHTML vocabulary. This coding language has not developed quite as rapidly as HTML and while it has some of the same features as HTML, it is different enough from HTML to warrant some consideration as an alternative. The major difference between the two is the fact that XHTML is a superset of HTML and is used mostly within the Internet for creating hyperlinks, although there are some differences with the way the two languages interact with each other, as well as the ability to author text.

Another important question that people often ask is whether or not HTML is a safe coding language and what effects it could have on a website. First, it is important to mention that XHTML is actually a superset of HTML, meaning that it is simply a version of HTML with added features. Many of the same things that XHTML codes are able to do as HTML, however, XHTML is safer because it is a more modern language. As with all coding languages, there is always a risk of a website becoming infected with viruses, but with safe XHTML coding, this risk is at a minimum.

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