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2 min readDec 19, 2020

Java is a general purpose programming language that is extremely popular. It is available in both stand-alone and server-side environments, with the server-side being more widely used for web applications. Java is an object-oriented language that compiles to bytecode, so it is fast and secure. This enables Java to run on desktop computers, laptops, and virtual machines.

What makes is java a good programming language for creating web applications? The primary advantage of Java is that it is a highly extensible language. The ability to add new features or syntax makes Java very useful for programmers who need a large number of functions. Another advantage is that Java memory efficiency is one of its major advantages. Java can be used for very complex tasks, so you do not have to worry about performance.

Does it have any disadvantages? While Java does have some drawbacks, these are very minor compared to the advantages. Java memory efficiency can be a disadvantage if your web application is extremely large. Some older browsers do not support the Java extensions that make Java’s memory efficient. Also, Java’s verbose syntax may make some programmers find it difficult to create large web applications.

What is Java good programming language for creating web applications? Java is an excellent choice when designing a web application because of its support for XML, SOAP, and JSP. XML is a common language used to communicate information between web servers and client-side programs. SOAP is a client-server protocol that allows a program to be communicating with web services. Finally, JSP is a framework that allows Java programmers to create reusable, maintainable web services. All three tools will help you build dynamic web sites.

So, is Java good programming language for creating web applications? While Java is a powerful and flexible programming language, it does come with some disadvantages. Older browsers that do support Java extensions do so with a Java plugin. Even with a Java plugin, older browsers will not be able to run the most modern Java applications.

Java can be a powerful programming language but like all languages, it has its limitations. Java does provide many benefits however. If your business requires a large amount of scripting languages, you should probably consider Java. However, if your current business needs simple web applications and a lack of programming knowledge is your current limitation, then you probably want to choose a different programming language. Good luck!



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