What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing With Azure?

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3 min readDec 10, 2020
Cloud computing with Azure

If you’re looking to start a web platform with Microsoft IIS, Cloud computing with Azure could be a great option for you. This quick tutorial will get you acquainted with the basic features of Azure, and how you can make the most of serverless computing for your business. If you are already familiar with IIS or even PHP, you can probably skip to the next section, but if you’ve never used any type of web hosting platform before, this quick introduction might help you make up your mind about whether or not you want to use cloud computing with Azure.

Many people are comfortable with Windows-based hosting platforms, and many choose to stick with these systems because they know they’re familiar with the tools and the familiar sites. Microsoft’s cloud services however, provide a number of tools that don’t really resemble anything that you’re used to. For example, the visual development experience is quite different from what you’d experience with something like ASP/VBScript or PHP,. You’ll find that cloud computing with Azure provides a visual development tool that allows you to build websites and deploy them in a way that is similar to developing a website on Windows, or even iOS, for example. This makes it easier for your customers and clients to use your site, and it gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Another important feature that cloud services such as azure provides is the ability to use IaaS. IaaS stands for “internet-based application services”, and refers to the idea that you can run software on the internet. You can get software such as Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Business Portal, as well as other cloud services such as the Amazon S3-based Simplegal. This way, you can run your e-commerce software on the cloud, on any browser, and without requiring you to understand or learn any new technology.

There are many benefits to cloud computing that make it an attractive option for any business. One of the biggest benefits is machine learning. Machine learning is the process of training machines to do simple tasks, and cloud computing is very good at this. With cloud computing, the entire business can be trained, from the front desk clerks to the warehouse workers, by the machine learning processes that are enabled by the cloud.

Another great benefit to cloud computing is disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is something that is very important to companies, both large and small. If something happens to a server, there is no way to recreate everything that was lost. In a traditional data center, this is not an issue, because everything is always located in the same place. However, in an office that is based in the city, and is located in the storm-prone area, having a back-up is always important. Azure provides a way for organizations to reduce the risk of disaster recovery, especially with its extensive cloud network.

Lastly, cloud computing gives a company the ability to access information from virtually anywhere, anytime. Information security is a growing concern, and companies need all the help they can get when it comes to securing their information. By taking advantage of a public cloud, such as Azure, a business will have the security and reliability to handle confidential information anywhere in the world. This is a great advantage over traditional information security measures, and allows businesses to use the best methods available.



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